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Ochsner Connected MOM: A Digital Medicine Program

Connected MOM is a program for expecting mothers that stands for Connected Maternity Online Monitoring.

We provide moms-to-be with a wireless blood pressure cuff to submit readings to their Ochsner Health OB-GYN team from home. Through the program, you’ll keep track of your blood pressure readings and stay connected to your team between visits. Connected MOM helps to ensure your readings stay within healthy levels, and if not, catch potential issues sooner.

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Connected MOM Results

Lower odds of delivering pre-term and improved neonatal outcomes
Connected MOM can improve both maternal and neonatal outcomes. In an American Medical Association study, Connected MOM participants were 20% less likely to deliver pre-term compared to those not enrolled in the program. Also, Connected MOM identifies patients with "masked high blood pressure”— those who have high blood pressure at home but a normal blood pressure in a clinic setting.

Higher likelihood of postpartum blood pressure check
The same study found Connected MOM participants were twice as likely to complete a postpartum blood pressure check as women in traditional care. Patients can easily take readings from the comfort of home after giving birth, removing the need to go into the doctor’s office for a blood pressure reading. This helps catch any potential issues sooner.

Learn more with our podcast
Explore the effectiveness of the Connected MOM program on a podcast with Joseph Biggio Jr., MD, MS, System Chair and Service Line Leader for Women’s Services and System Chair of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Ochsner Health. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Testimonials from patients and providers.

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Talk to an Ochsner OB-GYN to see if Connected MOM is right for you.

Ochsner has an award-winning team of 80+ providers at 11 health center locations. Call 855-999-8517 or schedule an appointment below to begin your Connected MOM journey. You can search by physician or by the next available appointment time.

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Getting Started

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