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The Support You Need to Feel Your Best

Ochsner Digital Medicine helps members manage their high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes from home while staying connected to a dedicated care team.

You're Here Because It Works

of enrolled members achieved blood pressure control
of enrolled members met their A1C goal after six months.

What is Digital Medicine? — David Houghton, MD - Provider and Digital Medicine Medical Director

Who is the Ideal Patient for Ochsner Digital Medicine?

Why Digital Medicine?


A true clinical approach. Our licensed clinicians provide medication management and can adjust medications, as needed.


A physician-curated program backed by an 80+ year academic health system.

Remote Care

Manage your condition remotely without the need for additional clinic visits. Receive unlimited calls and messages with your dedicated Digital Medicine care team (comprised of a licensed clinician and health coach) through the MyOchsner app.

Track progress. Stay Motivated. Feel Better.

Meet Our Team

The Digital Medicine team provides you with one-on-one personalized care every step of the way. Your care team includes a licensed clinician who manages medications and a health coach who helps you take better care of yourself.

What is a Health Coach?

What is a Clinician?

Health Coaches

Cameron Pigeon

My Why

Work with the individuals in our program, each day is a dream come true.

Megan Savoie

My Why

I love interacting with and meeting different people.

Rachael Swanson

My Why

I love being a cheerleader for individuals in our program and keeping them motivated to want to meet those goals!

Heather Pattison

My Why

Small changes go a long way.

Annie Kent

My Why

I really enjoy motivating individuals to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. I feel my role as a health coach goes beyond diet education and setting goals.

Adrian Brown

My Why

I help individuals take charge of their own health.

Kodi Labat

My Why

When working with individuals to meet their goals, I focus on encouragement.

Sandra Paz

My Why

I enjoy listening to patients and being a trusted resource to help educate, motivate and encourage them towards a healthy lifestyle.

Carmel Cordray Noble

My Why

I love watching people grow into better versions of themselves and being there to support them should they struggle along the journey.

Carrie Chou

My Why

The role of a clinical pharmacist isn’t always to add more medicine. We work with each person to incorporate lifestyle changes and medications that are right for them. This includes stopping or decreasing medicine doses when lifestyle changes lead to improved health.

Mia Monson

My Why

One of my favorite parts of my role with digital medicine is the relationships I am able to form with my patients, and seeing them achieve their health goals!

Megan Colosino

My Why

As a clinical pharmacist, I strive every day to make a difference in a patient’s life. My patients and I are on the same team working together as one to gain control of their disease state and improve their lives.

Urvi Patel

My Why

As a clinical pharmacist in the Digital Medicine team, I feel I am practicing at the top of license by working under a collaborative agreement in an interdisciplinary environment.

Marilyn Du Vall

My Why

It is such a joy to celebrate small (and big) wins with my patients as we work together towards achieving their health goals and improving their quality of life!

Karly Bergquist

My Why

As your clinical pharmacist, I work with you and your healthcare team to make your future brighter, safer, and healthier!

Alaa Elsayed

My Why

I love being able to change patients' lives on a daily basis! It's a blessing to be a part of this dedicated clinician team to improve patient care.

Digital Medicine Services Coordinator and Administrative Team

Kayonica Lawson

Project Manager

I enjoy hearing the excitement in patients' voices when they hear they will have a team that will be dedicated specifically to them, to help them monitor their progress and to help them achieve the ultimate goal of a better quality of life.

Erika Pillsbury

Manager, Growth & Development

I enjoy meeting our patients and hearing their feedback when they say they really enjoy our program and love their care team! It makes me feel like we are truly making a difference in their lives.

Impacting the Health of the Workplace in a Meaningful Way

High blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes are costly conditions. Help your employees manage their health with Ochsner Digital Medicine.

White and yellow Ochsner Health life mark icon on blue background.
Nathaniel Lee
Patient Services Coordinator, Ochsner Digital Medicine

“I'm honored to be a part of the Ochsner family, being at the forefront of innovative new
technology. Working on the Digital Medicine team is a heartwarming adventure that
introduces our patients to new technology to monitor their health. Hearing the patients
express their appreciation after learning a new technology makes coming to work an
everyday pleasure.”

Asked Questions

Is Digital Medicine right for me?

Digital Medicine helps patients manage their high blood pressure and/or Type 2 diabetes from home while staying connected to a dedicated care team. We’ve helped thousands of patients achieve their health goals.

Click here to visit our sign-up site to begin the enrollment process. If you have a MyOchsner account, sign in and check your messages for the next steps. If you don’t have an account, schedule a virtual visit to get started.

Am I eligible to join?

To join Digital Medicine, you need to be at least 18 years old, own a smartphone, have a diagnosis of high blood pressure and/or Type 2 diabetes.*

Click here to start the sign-up process to see if you are eligible.

* Subject to clinical exclusionary criteria.

What will it cost?

Ochsner Digital Medicine is a covered service under many employer benefits and health insurance plans (which may be subject to applicable patient responsibility amounts).

Our scheduling site makes it easy to get started. If you’re not covered through your insurance or employer, you can choose the self-subscription option. The monthly subscription fee is $30 for one program and $35 for two (not including the digital device).

Click here to visit our sign-up site and find out more details about your coverage.Still need more information? Call our team at 866-273-0548.