Senior Digital Medicine member sitting on a chair with her younger female caretaker or family member. They are using a large smart tablet to manage her health.

An Easier Way to Care for Your Loved One's High Blood Pressure

Now you can help your loved one manage their high blood pressure from the comfort of their home with Ochsner Digital Medicine.

Man in brownshirt smiling while talking on his cell phone.

With a personal support team and easy-to-use technology in the palm of your hand, you don't have to walk the caregiving journey alone.

The right care for your loved one.

See their progress.

A digital health device automatically sends your loved one's blood pressure readings to a smartphone, which uploads to their medical record. You can monitor their progress and share it with their Digital Medicine team and doctor.

Find expert support from a team that understands.

A personal care team monitors blood pressure readings to help make treatment decisions. If you have a question for the team, you can reach out to them directly over the phone or from the MyOchsner app.

Receive personalized advice.

Clinicians can adjust medications on the spot as needs change. A  health coach will also help your family design a healthy living plan that addresses your concerns and matches your loved one's capabilities.

By the Numbers

Ochsner Digital Medicine improves your everyday by connecting you to innovative technology and a devoted care team.

Decrease in Emergency Room Visits
of patients
achieved blood pressure control after 6 months of using Digital Medicine.
Decrease in Hospital Admissions
Among Digital Medicine enrolled members.

“I know I’m sleeping better–my hair, my skin, my vision–just different things that you start to notice that we take for granted that are all tied into our blood pressure and blood sugar. I’m a living testimony that it (the program) works! I know for a fact Ochsner Digital Medicine has saved my life.”

Aisha Walker

“My care team has been really helpful. They’ve explained things to me. They’ve offered me suggestions. I really like the fact of daily accountability. I’ve lost about 103 pounds. I feel better. I have energy that I didn’t have a year ago. Ochsner Digital Medicine to me a lifesaver. It’s given me a new lease on life. It’s given me the opportunity to go and enjoy life better.”

Kathy West
Digital Medicine Member

“I can keep my blood pressure under control by using this program. It’s changed my life. I never thought I’d even need it… but now that I have it, I’m so glad that they’ve been there with me every step of the way.”

Naomi Chatterton
Digital Medicine Member

“The program has really helped me focus more on my health. I feel totally different now.”

Lance Daniels
Digital Medicine Member

“The Ochsner Digital Medicine Care Team helped me by guiding me in every way possible – giving me tips on my diet and adjusting my medication on the fly. They are a good support team.”

Roel Mercado
Digital Medicine Member

“That’s what this program does. It frees you up to actually have a life. It gives you your life back.”

Brenda O'Keefe
Digital Medicine Member

“I feel like this is more normal. Someone’s got my back and…I will be able to use [the program] for the rest of my life.”

Kay King
Digital Medicine Member

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