Connected Living

Asked Questions

What is Ochsner Connected Home?

Connected Home is a remote caregiving solution that empowers you to live confidently at home while also giving your loved ones peace of mind knowing that you're healthy and safe.

Is audio or visual recorded or collected as part of Connected Home?

No, there is no audio or visual recorded with Connected Home. The data collected is sensor data, such as motion, infrared, light and temperature.

Is the data viewed on a website or an app?

The data can be viewed in the customer Ochsner Connected Home App, available for iPhone and Android. The data will only be accessible by the primary caregiver and any individuals the caregiver authorizes as a secondary user of the account.

Who can see my data?

Only the primary caregiver and any authorized second users.

How is the data collected?

Your loved one’s daily activities are recorded via passive sensor and Bluetooth devices installed around the house.

What are the sensors and devices involved?

The sensors involved include: one infrared stove sensor, one common room and one bedroom motion detector, one toilet water probe, one refrigerator light sensor, one front door magnet sensor, one infrared thermometer, one pulse oximeter, two signal extenders, and one Hub.

Does this work through Wi-Fi or cellular?

The Hub works via Ethernet and cellular LTE. To obtain the best results and ensure consistent internet connection, it is recommended to plug the Hub into your router via Ethernet. If the Ethernet internet goes down, the LTE will activate until the Ethernet connection is restored.

Does the resident need a smartphone to use this?

No, only the caregiver and authorized second users need a smartphone to use this product.

Will this product work if my loved one lives with me in the same house?

Connected Home will still work if your loved one lives in the same household as you or other people. However, this product is most effective and provides the best value when the monitored individual is living alone. The more people that live in the house, the less effective Connected Home becomes.

Who developed this product?

Connected Home was developed by Ochsner’s innovation lab, innovationOchsner (iO). Development involved a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, clinicians, engineers, analysts, data scientists, project managers and researchers. Learn more about iO here.

How long does the installation take?

The installation can take as little as 30 minutes including a 5-10 minute training about using the Connected Home app.